Wednesday, November 26

Fun Gifts For Men By D.K. Men's Fashion Editor

Christmas shopping for the men in one's life is never an easy task. It is a most puzzling time, where questions and doubts seem to plague our minds. What size is he again? Will he actually use this? What was that thing he was talking about that time that he wanted to get? In an attempt to help with the Christmas list, here are a few ideas...

Whether fifteen or fifty, the Nintendo Wii has the ability to turn even the most serious of men into giggling kids again. The motion sensitive games console has been hailed as one of the greatest ever successes in gaming history. Wii Sports seems to be the must have game for Christmas, and indeed in many stores the highly sought after game is already proving elusive. (Nintendo Wii Console with Wii Sports available for £179.99/$299.99)

How about ditching the digital camera for the delights of the Holga 'toy' camera? These medium format film machines have gained a cult following with their low fidelity images marked by character vignetting, other-worldly colours and light leaks. Having risen in popularity in recent years, this starter pack is the perfect introduction to years of experimentation and photographic surprises! Included within the pack are the Holga 120 CFN camera, a roll of medium format film, a roll of tape, 2 AA batteries and a Holga photography book. (Available via Urban Outfitters for £60/$85)

However, if you do indeed prefer a digital approach, the Flip Video Mino camcorder may be right up your alley. These pocket sized recorders have an in-built 2GB of memory, for up to one hour of recording, and feature a flip out USB for connecting quickly to your laptop. You can watch as you record on the 1.5 inch display and even upload your footage straight to YouTube. (Available via Amazon for £107.99/$159)

For the man who enjoys travelling, the Louis Vuitton European Cities Guide is the perfect choice. Each soft covered book features practical maps of the 32 chosen European cities and illustrations by Ruben Toledo. Individual copies are also available, which cover 36 major international cities including New York, Tokyo and Mumbai. Each book is packed with unique commentary on the character of each city and wonderful views into the local art, fashion, design and gastronomy. (Available via Louis Vuitton for £76/$145 or individually for £20/$38)

For a more unique and fun gift, Miracle Berry tablets are sure to excite. Made from natural berries native to West Africa, these pills contain a rogue glycoprotein molecule that binds to the tastebuds causing sour things to taste sweet. Simply put, once the freeze dried juices melt in your mouth, lemons will taste of toffee, vinegar of treacle and beer like a cholocate shake! The effect lasts for around half an hour to two hours, perfect for after dinner fun. (Available via for £9.95/$15)

Accessories are always an easy and fun gift idea. Paul Smith scarves are a wonderful way of introducing a little fun touch to a serious business suit. This colourful striped scarf will add a flair to even the dullest outfit. However if you feel Christmas would not be Christmas without the gift of socks, they also provide an equally colourful choice for that too. (Both pieces available via Paul Smith for £65/$135 and £14/$30 respectively)

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