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A Fashionistas’s Guide to Effortless Chic By Stylist Gabrielle Teare

Nothing to Wear? Does your heart sink when you open your wardrobe? Where is that hot pink Ungaro dress? In order to get the most out of your wardrobe the first step is to know what is in it. Amongst the unworn and the unloved will be great clothes if only you could find them.


We wear only 20% of what we buy. This is a staggering waste of money, and means that we can’t find the great LBD when we need it. Wardrobes need tough love, throw out anything you have never worn or that does not fit or suit you. If you can’t face this alone use a Personal Stylist to help you.

Sort by Category

Long dresses, short dresses, skirts, trousers etc. Then sort by colour. This makes life easy, rather than scrabbling through random items, we can then find the pencil skirt in one minute. Get rid of anything that is not in your colour palette. The wrong colour will drain you colours should lift your skin and your spirit! Your clothes should all colour co-ordinate with each other so finding tops to go with skirts becomes simplicity itself.

Discard The Unfashionable

Trends change. The quickest way to update your wardrobe is to buy new shoes. Dated shoes and clothes will date you so bin them. If you keep things hoping that they come back into fashion they may then not be age appropriate.

Why are you keeping clothes you don’t like?

When I do a Wardrobe Management, so many women have clothes that they do not even like in their wardrobes. The usual reason for keeping them is because they were expensive or a statement designer piece. Sell them, and make a vow to only buy clothes that you love. Clothes that make your heart sing!

Does it Fit You?

“This is for when I lose weight.” or “I might get pregnant again.” Have a wardrobe of clothes that you can wear now. If you lose a lot of weight studies show that one of the ways to keep it off is to get rid of your old wardrobe. This is a massive financial and motivational incentive. When you do lose weight chances are it will be out of fashion. Likewise throw away shoes that hurt. However expensive, shoes that you cannot wear have no place in your wardrobe. Never buy shoes that you love in a size smaller hoping they will stretch, they won’t they will just give you blisters!

What is your lifestyle?

Many women have lots of work clothes but few casual clothes and vice versa. Think about the percentage of clothes you have and it will show you where you are lack items. Perhaps you have only trouser suits for work. One of my clients had only pin- striped suits. There are many other styles to choose that would create a more varied wardrobe. Sweater dresses look great they don’t have to be short. Wear a skirt suit. It sounds obvious but so many women don’t have one. You can be professional and feminine. This is a devastating advantage, use it.

Does the style suit me?

Have a Style Consult. If you keep buying clothes that you never wear probably they do not suit your colouring or body shape. The advice you receive will save you money in the long term as you can wear all of your wardrobe.

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