Monday, December 29

Gossip Girl Style

Along with the 3 million other teenagers who tune in to Gossip Girl once a week, I for one am one of them. Watching Serena, Blair and Jenny run around in stilettos and Anna Sui warms my heart like chocolate does for the hungry. Its not just the storylines, but their style which attracts me to watch it.
Serena is the typically blonde bombshell who throws anything and everything(Chanel to Ralph Lauren)on and looks amazing. Based in Kate Moss, she fits the profile with every guy stopping to stare.
Blair Wardorf is the personification of sophisticated with tweed jackets and fitted blazers, she works the mature look without looking too much. I love her pumps and random tight combos, which only Blair could pull off.

Lastly there is Jenny Humphrey, fabulously chic in her little get ups, she works Marc Jacobs and bejewelled numbers with bows to match all with a touch of edge.
So, which Gossip Girl are you? xoxo V

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