Wednesday, December 3


Tocca is a fine Italian beauty company offering decedent cosmetics, fragrances and home accessories. What stands out the most from the collection are the eau de parfumes that exude beauty and glamour. Each scent is unique and exemplifies a certain type of woman. We chose our three favorite scents and the kind of woman we thought would wear each. What's your scent?

Stella by Tocca is a fresh and subtly sweet aroma that brings to life the vivacious spirit of an Italian beauty spending a holiday along the Mediterranean coast. It's perfect for a woman who loves romance.

Inspired by the infamous Egyptian queen, Cleopatra by Tocca exemplifies this powerful seductress. This warm, intoxicating scent is perfect for a woman that wants to make a statement, loves the exotic and craves uniqueness.
Brigitte by Tocca is inspired by the original sex kitten herself, Brigitte Bardot. It's perfectly sensual and sweet aroma exemplifies the playfully sexy appeal of a sex kitten.

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