Wednesday, January 7

Latest Beauty Obsession: The Best New Flat Iron Pink GHD For Pin Straight or Glamourous Hair Styles

I never really thought much about my hair before. I've really had the hair same routine for the past few months seeing as I'm trying to grow my hair out. Wash, let air dry and then straighten. This year I'm making it a point to spend a little more time on my hair and make it super fabulous. There's a saying that you can make any woman look good with good hair, good shoes and the right bag. I couldn't agree more. So the first thing I did to make my hair dreams come true was trading in my beloved Chi for a GHD. I've heard all this hype about the GHD but it never really piqued my interest. That was until a few weeks ago, holiday shopping at SEPHORA I spotted the pink one and I knew I had to buy it and I'm very happy I did. My hair has never been this smooth and shiny and the best part is it heats up incredibly fast. I only like rounded staighteners because I like the option to curl my ends and do all sorts of flips. The most intriguing part about the GHD is it's voltage which will stay ace no matter where in the world you are. I also found this video on how to straighten your hair by stylist Richard Ashforth which I thought was really helpful. Stay beautiful. x Mimi

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