Tuesday, January 6

What's Haute, New Fashion Trends: The Moto Jacket

The motorcycle jacket isn’t just for bikers nowadays. Thanks to fashion designers, their modern refinement to such a tough jacket makes it stylish for all to wear. While you may never have considered owning a moto jacket, you might just change your mind.

Of course it had to be Alexander McQueen to turn me onto the moto jacket. Rest assured, there are many fantastic versions out there in every price range - making it easy for most everyone to pull it off. Personally, I love pulling other edgy pieces together with the jacket, such as the boots and jeans, while softening the look a bit with the scarf and handbag. The black hoops are the happy medium. See, the moto jacket isn’t so far fetched.

If you’re not ready for leather, check out Marc by Marc Jacob’s biker cardigan. A great alternative, especially since the moto falls into the trendy category. - Catherine Horgan

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