Thursday, February 26

Sparkle, Dazzle and Shine For Eyes

Nothing is more glamorous than eyes that light up the night. Here are my new favorite loose eye shadows that give ultra shimmery but never gaudy dazzle to eyes.

Becca Cosmetics Jewel Dust
This loose eyeshadow shimmer powder is great over a matte shadow or worn alone wet. My favorite color is a beautiful sky blue in Nerida which will brighten and widen your eyes. A big bonus is that these Jewel Dust shadows are super sparkly and perfect for parties.

Great for everyday wear and the best part is these loose pigment eye shadows are infused with palmitoyl hexapeptide-14 which aids in cellular turnover. A fun trick is to mix a little bit of the pigment with your lotion for a beautiful shimmery sheen.

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