Wednesday, March 4

POP Magazine's new Editor in Chief

Following the departure of Katie Grand, legendary stylist and editor-in-chief at POP, the rumour of her replacement was flying and everyone from creative directors to fashion editors at different publications were sought out to take over. However after much confusion it was decided POP would be temporarily discontinued till a appropriate new team, Katie took the old one with her, and a editor-in-chief was appointed. Yesterday it was annouced that Dasha Kova, designer of Kova & T and russian socialite has been appointed editor-in-chief and her new team includes the likes of Julia Roitfeld. Some might argue this isn't a great choice, afterall what does a russian socialite know about editing? Nothing. However it is clear that the choice was meant to cause publicity, controversy and of course attention, all of which is vital when your re-starting a fallen magazine.

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