Monday, May 4

Interview With Designer Daisy Gonzalez

Daisy Gonzalez is a designer we are watching here at Haute Mimi. Her designs are chic and fun, a combo we adore. Daisy was recently chosen as the winner of the Patricia Field, "Confessions of a Shopoholic" contest. Her collection provides a fun twist to sophisticated elegance. We personally love her feather belts and girly yet streamlined cocktail dresses. Here are some thoughts Daisy shared with us about her personal style and also tips to help you look your best.

HM: Describe your style in one word.
DG: Unparalleled.

HM: What is your best-kept fashion secret?
DG: Wear what you feel comfortable in. It is so easy to spot somebody who is uncomfortable in their own clothes, so take an outfit and make it your own! Don’t try to follow any trends

HM: Where is your favorite place to shop?
DG: Great things are everywhere, Vintage Shops, Boutiques, Online; it’s all about how you put them together. Creativity is key.

HM: Who is your style icon?
DG: My top three are Frida Kahlo, Jackie Onassis and Carrie Bradshaw. Frida Kahlo’s style embodied her culture and the colors make you come to life. Jackie Onassis had such a classic, sophisticated and beautiful style. Ms. Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City because she is fun, free and uninhibited.

HM: What is the biggest fashion mistake a woman can make when getting dressed?
DG: Again, I would have to say wearing something that makes the woman feel uncomfortable. Always keep your individuality with anything you wear. It makes things more interesting.

HM: What is one lesson you are grateful for learning throughout your career in fashion?
DG: Don’t be afraid to take risks.

HM: What advice would you give to young fashion industry professionals trying to make their fame?
DG: Surround yourself with what you love. If you love fashion begin to make it part of your everyday life, take action. Network with people in the same industry, keep yourself informed with what’s going on in the world of fashion and never let anyone keep you from doing what you love.

HM: If you could give women a fashion tip to be fabulous what would it be?
DG: Every woman is already FABULOUS! It’s just a matter of embracing it. Fashion tip…would have to be to work with your body. Know what works for YOU and remember YOU are what make the clothes fabulous not the other way around.

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