Monday, May 11

A New Generation In Eyewear | Zanzan Eyewear

Aviators, bug-eyed, and colorful- every season we've seen different kinds of sunglasses in different forms coming in many different ways. Welcome to a new generation of sunglasses ready to rock our worlds: Zanzan Eyewear.

With designers inspired from the 60s and early 70s time period mixed in European fashion and chic style, Zanzan eyewear offers limited fashionable sunglasses made in different styles. Fitted with Sola lenses by Carl Zeiss Vision and made with the highest quality, Zanzan eyewear has recently debuted its new collection for spring/summer 2009 with four amazing designs.

Rubirosa offers a unique Latin American-type style from the 1940s and 50s and adds a touch of South America to Hollywood glam.

Black Rio gives a fierce contrast to any outfit that you're wearing, making it even bolder.

Zazou revives its name from "the swinging kids in war-torn Paris who put the chic into greaseball." With a classic look that instantly brings back history, this style will be sure to be in high demand.

Just like all the other three styles, Le Sept is brought forth from a nightspot in Paris in the early 70s and still brings that same fashion sense forward each time you look at them- think of bright, audacious, and beautiful.

For a fabulous, high quality pair of sunglasses sure to make a statement, look no further than Zanzan Eyewear. You can order it online at Farfetch.

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