Wednesday, June 17

Mens Fashion | Closet Tips Part 2: When To Save

With the beautifully warm and cheerful summer weather now well underway, you want to look cool and casual for days on the beach or barbecues with friends. Here are a few tips on where to save, yet still look stylish for summer...

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Simple cotton t-shirts in bright colours work wonders for any summer outfit. Adding a splash of colour atop a pair of tailored shorts or linen trousers can really add a nice flair to your look. Whilst graphic design t-shirts can often cost a pretty penny, a plain coloured option is friendlier on the wallet. The added bonus is that rather than relying on the print as the main focal point of your outfit, a simple colour play can look great. Make sure to choose a lighter colour, whilst keeping in mind which colours work best for you.

Although you may think of scarves as a winter option, a linen or fine cotton piece is just as useful for summer. A summer scarf can actually be a great way of keeping cool in the heat, whilst also adding a nice touch of interest to your outfit. Try to keep it simple, with plain light colours, or fine stripes. Whether you wrap the scarf around you twice, or simply let it hang around your neck and flutter in the wind, remember that your tying method will change the dynamics of your look.

Whether you decide to wear shorts, light wash jeans or linen trousers, adding a colourful belt can really help finish a look. Your accessories actually play an important part in keeping the colours and theme of your outfit in union. Try adding this yellow belt to a pair of light blue jeans and a white polo shirt for an unexpected twist. Or match your colourful belt to your equally colourful canvas shoes. Try to keep the belt design simple, however if you want to add patterns, make sure that they do not have to compete with the rest of your outfit.

Whilst flip flops may be the footwear of choice poolside or at the beach, you are probably going to need something a tad more hard wearing for general use. Rather than sweating it out in leather shoes or chunky sneakers, try adding a simple pair of canvas shoes to your closet. The lightweight material is perfect for warmer weather. Feel free to dispense of socks when wearing espadrilles and keep your feet cool. Cheap and cheerful plimsoles come in a vast array of colours and patterns, so you are sure to find something that suits you.

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