Sunday, August 30

The Zeno Mini: An Affordable Way to Banish Acne

Since I use makeup as wearable art, I like to fancy my skin as a canvas. Flawless skin is impossible to come by, so I try to make due with a highly calculated, medically advanced skincare regimen. However, once and awhile, there is always that stubborn pimple that magically appears at an inconvenient moment (be it a first date, or an important day at work).

That's when my Zeno comes to the rescue as a zit zapping miracle! The older models of the Zeno range around $160, which sounds steep during a recession, but at $89 the Zeno Mini is the perfect price for budget fashionistas.

This lightweight, handheld beauty device is clinically proven to make 90 percent of blemishes disappear within a 24 hour time period. FDA approved, it treats a single zit by using ClearPoint technology that uses heat to target the bacteria. Most blemishes can be treated within two to three treatments, but it is best to target the zit at an early stage using one treatment. The device is safe to use and requires no extra cleaning.

Unlike the older models of the Zeno, the Zeno Mini runs on two AAA Batteries, and the tip should be replaced after 45 uses.

My favorite part? It's portable! I've always been a girl-on-the-go and now I don't leave home without my Zeno Mini!

To find which Zeno product works best with your lifestyle, see MyZeno for more information.

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