Monday, August 31

Anokha Skin Care Fit For A Goddess

Coming from an Indian background I learned at an early age that some of the most luxurious, effective and exotic skincare ingredients come from nature. We love coat our hair with amla oils, mask our faces in homemade masks of crushed turmeric and yogurt and exfoliate head to toe with coconut skins. These traditions have been passed down through thousands of years and still prove to be as effective for us as they were for our gorgeous ancestors. Now you can enjoy the exuberance of Indian skincare in your own home with Anokha Skincare. A new skincare line that combines ancient Indian remedies with modern skincare for a revolutionary line of products that delivers results. I love to wake up every morning to my Anokha Almond Milk Cleanser which revives and refreshes. Surprisingly this rich cleanser takes of every bit of makeup without striping my skin of it's natural moisture. I follow up with the Anokha's lush Lotus Flower Rose Water Toner which soothes any redness. Once a week I like to treat myself to the Red Sandalwood and Neem Clarifying Masque which also contains turmeric. It leaves my skin brighter and thoroughly cleansed. This is one line that I will always have in my beauty regimen. See the entire collection of Anokha skincare products here.

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