Thursday, September 3

Stäy Stylish In The Rain With Däv Rain

Rainy days are no excuse to compromise your style. I personally depend on Däv Rain gear to help me make a splash on rainy days. Däv Rain fashion rain-boots are loved by fashionistas for many reasons including the fact that they come in fabulous prints, have a heel and last forever. They are by far the chicest rain-boots around and a steal at $107.00.

It's not possible for me to take out my designer bags in the rain so I simply adore my over sized and waterproof Däv Rain East/West bag. I don't have to worry about water damage to any of my look-books, electronics and other necessities. This bag also makes a for a great overnight bag for everyday wear.

Däv Rain has a wide array of umbrellas too of course, so no matter what your style there is one for you. I personally love the compact umbrella most because it's lightweight, tiny and won't break in the wind. I've been caught in the rain too many times to count and now I carry my cute and compact Däv Rain umbrella in my bag everywhere I go. See the entire Däv Rain collection here.

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