Sunday, January 10

Beauty Buzz | Silk'n SensEpil At Home Innovative Light-based Device For Hair Removal

I always dread facing hair removal - there's hardly ever anything glamorous about it, even in the most luxurious spa. IPL (Intense Pulse Light) has been the latest and most effective technology for hair growth reduction for the past few years. Silk’n recently released the SensEpil system, the newest innovation in the IPL. This was completely painless it comes in a cute, compact package.
The cost for this system is small portion of what you would pay for full treatment at a spa, and the only replacement piece is a bulb that lasts 750 flashes. Like IPL at a spa, you should be gentle with your skin afterwards and wear a nice SPF if the skin is exposed to the skin, but unlike post-IPL at a spa any effect to the skin itself is barely noticeable. This treatment is most effective with light olive to fair skin, with dark hair and intended for body hair.

After using it for only 4 sessions on one area (about 10 flashes per session), over the course of 2 months,I have noticed a visible difference in the regrowth - it is silkier and finer. I have added this to my bi-weekly Sunday night beauty treatment in which you can go begin and complete session of treatment on a selected area in the length of a song or two on your play list. After using this product, I really can’t imagine going back to scheduling and accommodating time for appointments at a medical facility! The ultimate luxury of IPL - having it at home. Get yours here. -Virginia Wong, HM Beauty Editor

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