Friday, February 26

London Fashion Week | Hakaan | Staggeringly Sexy Lara Stone

At London Fashion Week I watched Haakan delight and stun the fashion pack. Magical, sizzlingly sexy, dynamite clothes. Imagine having a body like Lara Stone!

Here is Kate Moss who was sitting in front of me...

Lara is so so so sexy! I don’t get the size 0 thing. I am too curvy to go there. Look how wonderful curves are. Amazing! David Walliams was sitting in front of me roaring his approval. Lucky man!
These are textured leggings, clinging to every curve. Wonderful tailored coat.

Lucia Pieroni in makeup created very simple creamy skin, again a little bit masculine, little bit feminine. Smoky eye shadow, nude lips. Lovely.

Backstage Luigi Mureno wearing a fabulous Givenchy Jumper with a dazzling smile created hair that was androgenous. Gelled on top and feminine with volume at the bottom. Here is superstar Marco Testa smiling as he creates pure magic. Girls if you want amazing hair this is where to get it!
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