Sunday, March 7

Issa London AW2010 Alice Delall, Olivia Palermo and Princess Beatrice Star

Issa was an amazing show. Alice Delall strutted down the runway the sound of flight deck music as we were told to fasten our safety belts and prepare for lift off.

This dress was heavy chain mail. The flight theme continued with the models having hair swept up over a foam bun and glasses to create a 50’s look. Alice Delall.

Personally this was my favourite. How dramatic is this? The wonderful red cape over black leather trousers. We were all flying by now!! Listening to Malcom McClaren theme for British Airways fab music, fab clothes!

As a stylist I like Issa, because the clothes are wearable. Here is a very elegant day dress in grey wool, lace and shoe boots simply superb to stun at lunch.

Backstage we watched the models hair backcombed and pulled over the foam support to create high rise towers.

Looking really beautiful with wonderful big eyes and smiling for everyone was Princess Beatrice. Issa was graced by her Royal presence.

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