Saturday, March 6

HM Interiors | Indian Inspired Bedroom

So, I haven't been posting in the last week since I have been extremely busy moving and had over 6 events to attaend (I thought NY fashion week was over). I never knew I had so many handbags, shoes and clothing. It is gluttonous to have so much stuff, but then again I am a fashion editor and I do love to change it up everyday so I forgive myself. In any case today I went to buy some new bedding for my new bedroom. I usually stick to 800 count stark white Egyptian Cotton sheets but I thought I would live it up a bit and bring some color in for once. I looked at a few places but surprisingly enough fell in love with Seventeen's bedding collection at JCPenny. It is a beautiful bohemian style bedding set that really sets the Indian Tone that I am going for. They didn't have the matching pillows at the store but I ordered them online. If you like this style you can find it here. I will put pics of the room when it is finally complete.

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