Friday, April 16

What's Haute | Colored Contacts and Eyelash Extensions

I get bored with my look very easily, so I am always looking for new fun ways to switch it up. That's why I love colored contacts since it helps me dramatically change my appearance easily. Colored contacts have been the secret of Bollywood divas but lately they have become more and more popular in the states especially amongst the fashion crowd here in New York City. My favorite brand of contacts is Fresh Look Contact Lenses, they are by far the most comfortable and natural looking contacts on the market. My favorite shades are amethyst and sterling silver. Try them today and be even more glamourous than you already are.

Eyelash extensions are also another great way to enhance eyes for a dramatic effect. Most salons offer this service and can range from $20-$500+ depending on the quality of the service and the quality of the lashes used. They usually last for about two weeks and are waterproof. I personally only get them for special events but stick to strip lashes for everyday wear. I always keep a stash of Ardell eyelashes on my vanity. You can find them at any drug store or beauty supply store. Eyes are the window to the soul so make sure your eyes convey glamour and drama.

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