Sunday, June 27

Slendertone Face

I first tried Slendertone Face at the CEW(UK) Beauty Awards. I had previously tried Eva Fraser Facial Exercises and instantly liked this. Frankly this is a Miracle Product. I bought mine from Harrods and could not wait to try. I have used for 4 months now it is amazing!! I look younger, my jaw is firmer, my cheekbones are higher and my eyelids are less wrinkled. The lines between my nose and mouth have almost gone. The definitive test is other people noticing and at least 15 different people have told me I look younger. “What have you done to your face?”” Now you know....!! It is much cheaper than a face lift. I do Lotte Berk exercises for my body and this is Lotte Berk for your face.

Gabrielle Teare is the Leading London Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper based in the heart of Personal Shopping in Chelsea, London. Alexa ranked No 1 Globally for Personal Stylist, Gabrielle is recently featured in Marie Claire, Esquire, Elle, Daily Mail, Daily Express, Fashion TV, Channel 4, CNN and the BBC. Gabrielle has provided Styling Consultancy for Disney on 2 films Confessions of a Shopaholic and Tinkerbell.

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