Friday, July 23

beauty buzz | New Favorites From Lush Cosmetics

Whenever I walk by the Lush store on Herald Square, I'm always lured in by the sweet, sugary scented bath and body products. I like Lush because they're extremely unique and stay true to their roots. I get excited every time I use their products because they're so unconventional yet extremely effective. Here are some of my new favorites from Lush that I am raving about:
I absolutely love taking bubble baths. hence "The Comforter" bath bomb is such a must have for me. It smells of yummy blackcurrant berries and definitely offers comfort after a long hard day of! You simply break off a chunk and drop it into your warm bath and it will start to work its magic. Check it out here.
I've smelled all of the soaps available at Lush and my favorite is the "Rock Star". It is a vanilla candy scented all natural soap with fabulous moisturizers. Check it out here.

I wear lip gloss all the time so smooth lips are a must. I usually use the old home remedy of mixing lemon juice with sugar but I've been using the Lush Bubble Gum Lip Scrub after recently discovering it. Not only is it more glamorous, pink and delicious the sugar crystals are much more refined and less harsh than my at home concoction. Oh, and did I mention, it's pink? Check it out here.
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