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HM LIFESTYLE | Interior Designer Extraordinaire Preston Lee

What’s the point in sweating over spring cleaning, when we can just change our interiors? Or better still, get the exquisite designer Preston Lee to do it for us (after all, it gives us an excuse for more shopping!)

Texas-born Preston first gained fame after becoming a finalist in Bravo’s hot young talent competition, Top Designer. He may have bowed out of the show in third place owing to a lack of ‘wow-factor’, but that didn’t lower the public opinion of his designs, in fact, 64% of viewers felt he should have won.
Nowadays Preston is a far-cry from not having the wow-factor, with Janice Dickenson’s Modeling Agency, iCandy bar, the Green Condo Complex in Hollywood and the design of celebrity homes filling in his portfolio, it’s no wonder the interior designer is still successful years after his TV stint. When asked what drew him into interior designs, he told us it was ‘my father and my own aspiration to create things for people and their families which drastically changes their life.

Preston flourishes when it comes to creating an atmosphere of grandeur and extravagant elegance, feeling it only possible to create the most stunning room compilations by mixing only designer interior designs. His rooms are often neutral in palette, dropping in an exuberant splash of rich colour, usually in the form of a show-stopping light or an awe-inspiring chandelier. Preston is usually inspired by ‘places I travel to, styles of homes, client’s personal style and cultures around the world. A worldly designer creates something for the client that’s both unique and timeless.
He now designs for many luxurious designers including Jennifer Dyer, who helped him design the beautiful boudoir-esque interiors of her house for Top Designer, but he is currently working on two custom homes and a condo remodel in part of the new Las Vegas city centre in Mandarin Oriental.

Qualifying from the Fashion Institute for Design and Merchandising, Preston started his successful entrepreneurial career working at Kenneth Brown Design, before endeavouring to create his own design house at the age of 21. With a love for all things design, Preston Lee is the inspiration needed when transforming your pad. Though when asked for home-design tips, the only one he would divulge was to employ an interior designer, but of course, we would expect nothing less from a designer-great. -Isabella Stockwell
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