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Best Hotels In New York City | The Kitano New York

If you are planning a city break filled with shopping and exquisitely modern sites; New York is the place to go. If you want to unwind after your spree and relax your feet after a hard day of heel-walking, then look no further than The Kitano New York on Park Avenue, the hotel choice of the stars such as tennis player Maria Sharapova.

Centred in the historic Murray Hill, The Kitano boasts being the only Japanese-ran hotel in the area. With this sentiment brings a sense of tranquility, offering an escape from the busy city-life through soundproof windows and spa treatments. If you feel like a pampering session to breathe new life into your skin, then you can indulge in a spa package including a Shaitsu massage, facial, sauna and even a complimentary pass to the New York Sports Club. What’s more, breakfast in the garden is thrown in, perfect for a refreshing start to the day.

Other ways to sink into a state of Japanese serenity include Jazz nights which take place on Fridays and Saturdays, where you can relax to the sounds of the live orchestra. Alternatively, you may fancy a tipple at the summer cocktail parties the hotel offers on the penthouse terrace, which can hold up to 60 guests. Perfect for the socialite in us. There are even BBQ’s held on the top floor, where fashion shoots and weddings are commonplace. With views of the Empire State Building and New York skyline, it‘s no wonder this hotel has become a spot for the A-listers.
The Kitano is also great for design lovers, with beautiful marble floors and individually designed rooms to choose from. If you want to soak up the Japanese vibes, the Tatami room is a definite favourite, with Shoji paper screens and Tatami mats completing the d├ęcor. Flat screen plasmas are also available amongst the custom-designed mahogany furniture, creating the perfect vibe to unwind into.

If you can’t avoid the luxury of The Kitano New York Hotel, you can always have a look at their boutique, which sells small wonders such as a shoe shaped cake slice and portable gold flat shoes, which might come in handy after a long day in the city, or a long night in the New York lounges. -Isabella Stockwell

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