Monday, August 2

Beauty Buzz | DuWop Cosmetics

I never really used DuWop cosmetics before, I remember my sister used to be obsessed with their Lip Venom but I never tried it out for myself till last week. I am actually impressed with the quality of the products as well as the effectiveness. Here are some of my favorites from DuWop that you should get your hands on too:

Twilight Lip Venom Blush is the new shade of the cult fave, Lip Venom. This serum not only plumps up your puckers but also adds a hint of pink to your lips. You can build up the color for your desired look. I was surprised by how fast my lips plumed up and the rosy hue compliments the Bronze Goddess look I am going for these days. (Via
I have naturally tan olive skin thanks to my Indian origin but there are days when I become super pale due to lack of sun exposure so I love self tanner. Duwop Revolotion is really a fabulous body bronzer that laves you gorgeously tan. You simply rub the lotion on your arms, legs etc and wait for it to dry. The lotion is tinted so it's instant gratification. The built in SPF 15 is also a major plus. (Via Sephora)

I always wear shimmer golden shadow for my day look so I am always looking for the longest lasting and fully pigmented varieties. The DuWop Crush Molten Metallic Eyeshadow Trio offers three of the most gorgeous golden shadows that blend together for a beautiful metallic eye look. (Via Sephora)

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