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Beauty Buzz | OLEHENRIKSEN Skincare

OLEHENRICKSON is has been the spa of choice of celebrities for years and now you can take home the experience and the results of this cult favorite spa with the namesake skincare line. I have the pleasure of trying almost all of the latest skincare products as a fashion editor and consultant so I know exactly what to look for and which lines actually deliver what they say they will. After using OLEHENRICKSON products for the past four weeks I can confidentially say that this is the one line I will go back to. Here are some of my favorite products from the line.

Dry/Sensitive Skin Starter Kit
I really love this kit not only because all of the products work together seamlessly to give your skin a beautiful glow but also because the products come conveniently packaged in travel size which is very important for me because I'm always on the go. I use the apricot cleanser, cucumber toner, nurture me face cream and the insulator SPF daily and in that order. Then every 2 days I incorporate the new beginnings scrub and blueberry enzyme mask. My skin has been very distraught due to the summer heat which not only makes my skin oily and clogged but a breeding ground for blemishes. After using this kit I have not had a breakout and many of my previous blemishes are disappearing. For more information click here.

Walnut Complexion Scrub
The Walnut Complexion Scrub is a fabulous scrub! I am big on exfoliation so I am obsessed with scrubs and try as many possible. This scrub in particular is very grainy but not coarse ad also lathers when you add water. Your skin will feel refreshed, renewed and revived. For more information click here.

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