Friday, August 20

What's Haute | Top 5 Best Fashion and Beauty Youtube Tutorials

So you know by now I am a fashion and beauty junkie. I can't get enough of Fashion TV and I love all types of fashion entertainment. So naturally I am addicted to Youtube makeup and fashion tutorials they are so addicting and they are actually very educational. Here is my list of the top five fashion and beauty bloggers that i absolutely love and watch all the time!

I love Blaire's videos. She is absolutely gorgeous just like her sister Elle. From makeup tricks to shopping secrets Blaire is the go to girl for all things fabulous and up-to-the minute!

Michelle Phan
Michelle Phan is my go-to-girl for skincare advice and fabulous beauty looks. She also has great music to compliment her videos. Mcihelle also has vast knowledge of skincare and at home beauty remedies which actually work!

She always shares the most unique and interesting products and beauty advice, like taking pre-natal vitamins to get glossy long hair! Who knew? She is very bubbly and effervescent and a treat to watch!

I used to read Elessa's blog religiously so was excited when she started to do her beauty videos years ago! They are very practical and perfect for everyday looks whether it be a date, work, or hanging with the girls.

I actually watched Elle's videos from the start. She is so sweet, fun and gorgeous. All her videos are easy to follow and i love her latest fashion finds because we just so happen to have the same taste in makeup and clothes.

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