Thursday, November 1

Stay Attractive in Autumn and Winter

Guest contributor: Gabriel Wood

Without a shadow of a doubt, sexy must return to males. When is the best time to make such a transaction? During the cold months, of course. Forget the harsh rays of the summer sun, where a t-shirt and the nearest available pair of Hawaiian print shorts dominate. Its Autumn, the heat may have subsided, the amazon woman may have gone back into hibernation, but nevertheless a hot look can be eminent enough to keep the plethora of females quean up.
Orchids are nature's best adaptors, able to change in shape and colour to fit their environment. Well men, we can also adopt these traits.

Hot colors for Autumn/Winters:

  • Reds

  • Burgundy

  • Oranges

  • Greens

  • Whites with Black or Brown soft furnishings

Originally created in 1917 to keep missile dropping cadet pilots warm from open top fighter planes. Here is a version of the popular bomber jacket, reincarnated into a sleek must have style.

A burgundy leather bomber, with fine stitching around the collar makes a non-fussy, sleek and smart choice.

Available from Topman: $249

I'm often ambiguously lost in an ocean of choice when it comes to T-shirts, but after painfully scrummaging through the latest styles, I found, literally, that the sky was the limit.

A beautiful bird print T-shirt by Roberto Cavalli
Now available from Harrods: $145

Keeping warm couldn't be easier. Stay comfortable, whilst still remaining as if you had no idea it was the temperature of Finland out, with this long sleeve funnel neck sweater.

This stunner features cable knit detail, man size horn buttons. With pockets at the waist, there's no need to stuff those paws in your jean pockets...that's a job for the Mrs.
Available from Ted Baker: $177

No man should be caught wearing boot-fit or flared jeans. Its a silent rule introduced by the inconspicuous return of the Mod.

Raw, dark indigo jeans in updated slimmer cuts, with contrasting white stitching will keep things fresh. Polish out the look with pointed oxfords.
Available from Topman: $73

Accessorize with simple flare. Protect yourself whilst maintaining style with a striped wool scarf from and vintage Wayfarer folding suicide shades.
Available from John Lewis $52
Available at Vision Express $187

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