Friday, November 16

What a Girl Wants and Hates

Men, here is some advice to get off on the right foot with your new date, or to put that little spark back into your relationship with your favorite female.


  • Girly things (even if they say they don't). Try to stick to her favorite color or color combination with this. Pink is very safe for girls, and even guys like pink things *wink*.

  • Cute and Fun Surprises: The occasional gift or spur of the moment outing, like dinner or a party.

  • Passion for either art, culture, health, fashion, family or all of the above. Show you have a true interest in one or more of these things, and you will always have something to talk about.

  • Being Ignored: Girls usually love being your main focus, in a TASTEFUL way, and even in front of your friends. Show her that she is your goddess in the flesh, and you will be repaid tenfold.

  • Being told What to Do: Just agree to disagree. Never act like her father.

  • Boring Minds: Don't just ask her where she wants to go. You make a decision, and reassure her everything will be great. She is likely to follow, and have a great time.

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