Monday, January 14

Mimi's Personal Fave For Jewelry Sunina

Winter in New York is terribly dreadful, especially because the sun is no where to be seen after 3pm. In any case, I think the best way to beat your winter blues and make your eyes light up is to treat yourself to something glamorous, vibrant and shiny. So I recently turned to Sunina one of my personal favorites for quality costume jewelry and accessories, t brighten up my wardrobe.
Sunina is like a candy store for girly girls and women who want to add a touch of glamour to their look. It's also a great place for sophisticates to pick up jewelry staples with a flirty twist. I recently have been flaunting my "Sasha" earrings and have received compliment after compliment. These earrings will take you from 9 to 5 in a flash and make you feel like a goddess.

I also get Harajuku fever and clip on the adorable Isa clips to add some kawaii to my hair. I am practically gushing over Sunina because I love everything Sunina has to offer and the prices are out of this world. So if you're like me, a diva who has a fatal attraction to cuteness (when she's not wearing all black) then head to Sunina's right away and fill your jewelery boxes. Sunina is giving HM readers 10% off purchases, just enter the code "HauteMimi" at checkout. xx Mimi

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