Sunday, September 28

Fabulous Bargain Shopping In New York

Fashionistas from all around the world come to NY in search of great fashion finds yet many wonder where all the steals are. Well as a native New Yorker I've got you covered fashionistas. Believe me as much as I love indulging in designer wear for myself now and then, the thrill of a bargain gets me every time.The rule of thumb ladies is never pay retail for anything. Here are a few insider tips from my personal shopping experiences, believe me they are countless.

When To Shop For What:
White Pants, Resortwear: Shop for these things during the fall, Mid-September is probably the best time to score great white pants and coverups for the beach. You can put them away for next summer or that sexy getaway you re planning for the winter.

Coats: The best time is during mid spring say about April when prices are slashed. Be sure to go to boutiques like Burberry, April is the best time to get the trench of your dreams.
The Best Stores to find a bargain
Century 21: Best for cocktail dresses and shoes.
Daffys: Great for tights and stockings.

Forever 21: The best place for costume jewelry and also accessories like belts, and hats. Things that are so trendy you'll only wear them for a season while still looking current and not breaking the bank.

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