Tuesday, November 18

Men's Fashion: Howe SS09

These are a selection of my favourite looks from the Spring '09 look book from Hause of Howe. It seems that no review of collections in the current climate can avoid the financial factor and these are no different. Luckily however these pieces stand the test, classic designs with a slight creative and contemporary twist.

I was particularly intrigued by the blazer in the last image, which actually has an interestingly placed zip. Once zipped, with the collar turned up, the blazer wonderfully transforms into a simple casual jacket. What attracts me is that this versatility used for the detailing, no doubt, makes the pieces a clever investment. This creativity in design is indeed one of the strongest features of the collection. Equally, aside from the functional detailing, the collection also features subtle aesthetic detailing. The white shirt of the first look for example, with its light digital printing, shows a creative element that gives a refreshing addition to any outfit. I also enjoyed the casual jacket with shoulder epaulettes, which provides a wonderfully rugged feel, and would work well thrown over a plaid shirt and woven tie.

One of the pleasures of a wonderful outfit is the ability to take in a new and exciting detail every time one looks upon it. Indeed, this is something that the Howe collection tackles easily. Clothing that is well constructed and will stand the test of time, and are also of an elegant timeless design, are what one should be investing in this season. The Howe collection provides this, whilst also adding innovative detailing. However, with the artisan inspiration of the collection as a whole feeling natural, I still could not shake the feeling that it did seem somewhat restrained. Whilst I enjoy the collection, I wish there was an extra element of creativity, in the form of a few more innovative garments. - D.K.

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