Monday, December 22

Holiday Discount Codes From YOOX

I was sifting through my emails and found one from our friends at YOOX. They have offered me a few discount codes to use on the site and I thought I'd share them with my favorite readers since I couldn't possibly use all of them and didn't want them to go to waste. Use one of the codes at check out to receive extra 10% off everything + free shipping + free gift wrapping. You can use one code three different times. So here they are start with the first code and if it doesn't work use the next one. The codes are valid until 12/31, I hope you all score major deals. Have a fabulous day. xx Mimi

The Codes:

  • PiIzNmAw1a

  • Ce8pF8Ik1x

  • 4jVgKu716f

  • E9DqB5WcS1

  • FtIiB5QfPw

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