Saturday, January 10

How to Be Glamorous On A Budget

Congratulations! You're out shopping for the best of reasons. The whole world is on sale. But what are you shopping for? Another cheap t-shirt? Forget it. Choose glamour. Give your shopping brain cells a reason to live... Who cares if you're broke when you make it look so good? Glamour is affordable, anyway. It's a state of mind.
Be Glamorous.
Think, does this look glamourous? This is the standard by which all must be measured. Let's say you're in the store, holding up another future trash tee shirt. How can you break free? Ask yourself this brutal question every time. Is this glamorous? By the virtue of having to ask, it's probably not. Glamour is elusive and you must move on.
Wear A Dress.
Put on a dress. Try wandering into a far off land: the dress department. Yes, it feels like Mars, but glamour is best found in a dress. Ignore the sizes; they're meaningless. Your glamour-ness is more important. Try a dress on to fit the largest, most glorious part of your body. Then get the thing altered. No woman of daring would consider otherwise.

Be Au Courant.
Step into this century. Some readers can bypass this step, but note that this isn't about age. Just look in a full-length mirror. You know who you are. Your clothing silhouette is most important. It needs to be current. Don't go down the weight sadness path now. You'll defeat glamour every time. When a woman of girth or bones announces she looks magnificent, the world is at her feet, ignoring her size. Another attribute of glamour.

Your Hairstyle Counts.
Do a hair check. What is glamour without the hair? A sad pile of protein. Well, smooth it out and brush it into glory. Smile into the mirror and think about all the money you're saving.

Accessories Count Big Time.
Ah, the biggest glamour killer. Mostly found in the concept of too much. Too much jewelry. Too much purse. We're not layer cakes. Let accessories adorn you. They're lucky to see the light of day.

Add Some Sparkle.
We may have lost all the value in our 401K's but why look like it? Not into the bling? Use sparkle, sheen or glisten. Buy a cheap pair of wild (for you) sunglasses. Step it up a bit. Be daring. Just don't go tacky on me. The best glamour is based on mystery and intrigue.
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-Katina Le Kerr

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