Friday, May 8

Required Reading | Salvatore Ferragamo - Evolving Legend (1928-2008)

Salvatore Ferragamo passed away in 1960, but his whimsical yet glamorous vision stays true in the designs of the house which has become "synonymous with shoes that embody wildly creative design, painstaking construction techniques, blissful comfort, and the finest materials" Known for designing shoes for the starlets of old Hollywood including Monroe and Hepburn Ferragamo dared to be dramatic. This fabulous memoir, Salvatore Ferragamo - Evolving Legend 1928-2008 (Skira), offers us beautiful illustrations and photographs which gives us a glimpse of Ferragamo's genius. From This is a book that will inspire you whenever you flip through the glossy pages and a must have in your fashion library. Purchase your copy here.

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