Friday, October 30


Every season, editors & buyers give us the lowdown of what we should be attempting to wear or at least aspire to. We decided to give you the trends which are both wearable and consistent, because unlike the Paris Hilton's of the world, we can't drop 20K every day in Balmain and thus repeitition is something of a norm to us.
This season Miucca Prada gave us sexy 80s acids in ballet cut dresses with long smouldering sleeves, for a lasting trend why not buy a knock-out number in a staple shape such as the pencil skirt, thus you can layer and play without being 'off' any time soon.

Legs are never a bad thing, this season we want less as our shorts grow a few inches and hang above the knees. Choose a cream or a navy for classic looks and go for a sexy red if your daring.

Cream, ivory, and vanilla. Sounds like your mother's wardrobe but alas we've decided to rock the boat and bring them out. Nude not so much, but we want lighter tones not so much grunge this season. Why not buy one or two pieces and mix and match with last seasons?

Get rid of the Motley Crue picture in your mind, leather is sexy but classy this time round. We want cropped fitted leather pieces which sculpture around the body not wrap around it. Well cut pieces in soft leathers such as cropped jackets and tailor pants look good with anything, just be careful about going too light. White leather is never a good look.

Anna wintour is not only powerful, but she also chose the low heel about a decade before anyone else. This season we've given in and we're choosing comfort over appearance. The 2inches are in!

You heard it here first. The word sums it up, we like our shoes CHUNKY!

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