Thursday, December 17


Marc Jacobs excels again! After Saturdays all day rain we all need cheering up look at these fantastic clothes. Grecian drapery in soft cobalt blue. Gilded gold sandals. St Tropez Mmmm.

Sophisticated sundresses with sex appeal in canary yellow to match the searing sun. Look at that gorgeous must have clutch.

Isabeli Fontana was photographed by Patrick Demarchelier. Look how Marc Jacobs pulls off the French flirty coquette look with polka dots and red, white and blue the nautical colours.

This is a spirited collection. I want these amazing glasses and the bikini as well chic, elegant and sexy.

Exquisite soft white to set off your tan, draped halterneck with split thighs. Another fantastic little bag. The demise of the monster unflattering “IT” big bag at last?? I have always thought small petite women looked ridiculous. See the latest Chanel Ad the bag is almost bigger than the woman!

This is a collection I want to go out and buy straight away. Wearable chic. In cold London I long to be on a beach- preferably St Tropez in these clothes!

Achingly chic the bag, dress, great shoe boots, and bag. Maybe boots too hot but not for London!

Gabrielle Teare the Leading London Personal Stylist.

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