Tuesday, March 16

HM Fitness | The Best Herbal Tea For Weight Loss

I discovered oolong tea a few years ago after a trip to India. I had gained over 20 pounds and I wanted to really get back in shape. there was just one problem I had no time or will to go to the gym. I still do not have the will nor time for the gym but I do try to go at least three times a week these days. In any case oolong tea has been proven to help you lose weight naturally and safely. It is 157% more effective than green tea t burning excess fat and is not a laxative. You have to drink at least three cups a day to really see results. I have to admit I am not really a fan of the taste but it becomes an acquired taste. Oolong has been a beauty secret of slim Asian beauties for centuries and also a favorite of Oprah and Rachel Ray. Try it out for yourself and oolongate your body. You can find Oolong almost everywhere from supermarkets, tea shops and health food stores. Look for the organic varieties.

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