Saturday, April 8

Joie de vivre

I've been feeling extreme feelings of affection for the French fashion industry lately. I think the whole Parisian chic trend is going to last for a few seasons, the clean crisp lines, the whimsical feel of polka-dots and the flowy silhouettes make my heart melt with lust. Sienna miller has been spotted wearing tres chic duds and lately all of Hollywood has been snagging this fabulous trend. So have high street fashion stores, Thank you designers!
I was browsing the internet to get some good deals on leggings and then I stumbled on the omnipresent forever21's, website (where has it been all my life?). I found some AMAZING pieces on the site and all for under $$30.00. Yes you read that right baby, thirty. Now that is music to a working fashion lover's ears. Not only is it awfully stylish. I find the site way more organized than the actual forever 21 stores. I think you'd agree. You'll have money left over to indulge at the Chanel make up counter! Enjoy. P.S. For Great Blogging about French Food Visit one of my Friends' Fabulous cooking Blog. Lulu Loves London. Happy Shopping. Ciao!

All of these items can be found at


lostandfound said...

wandered into site through a friends blog..glad to see the stuff here..can you blog on men's fashion too or suggest any site..I luff reading about this and crazy about D&G's spring collection

Lulu said...

hi mimi
your blog is always an inspiration for me to spruce up my own daily fashion!
and thanks for the link to my blog.
by for now chica

Bunny said...

I bought those white leggings. I love them.