Wednesday, January 2

In Eyewear- Shades For The Fabulous

Contributed By Gabriel Wood
I am a proud proprietor of several pairs of sun shielding specs and pride myself on my taste for this great functional accessory. I admit to being a tad bit ostentatious at times, but why not? A good looking pair can elate and transform the most unnerving individual into one of smugness. However, shopping for trendy sun protecting shades can be quite an oblique experience to say the least. Firstly, you have the obstacle of finding a vendor, which fundamentally is not that difficult but once a few are found, finding one which will not either rape or murder you in price is a protruding factor. Secondly, and unfortunately, high street shops are not open at anti-social times, which for some modern shoppers boast as a key requirement. Online is great for value for money but can pose problems when purchasing. One obvious hurdle is the non-existent ability to "try before you buy," and another is the annoying five working day delivery periods that some sites suggest.

Can there be a saviour? Maybe so ...

A new website was brought to my attention by a fellow colleague claiming that it was among one of the most interesting sites visited. Admittedly, this sparked some cynicism as previous attempts to purchase eye wear left me with a bitter taste in my mouth.

In Eyewear brings to view a revolutionary idealist view on shopping for both men and women. The site is fresh, informative, simplistic and easy to navigate. In Eyewear has a plethora of exiting and exclusive products from designers such as Belstaff, Oakley, Roberto Cavalli, Rayban and Fendi to name a few. It also caters for different consumer groups for example: CEBE snow goggles for the adventurer, Roberto Cavalli for the fashion buff and Rayban for the rocker. Now naturally, on the outset this site perceives to be no different from any other retail website, however, its key selling constituent is in it’s online try before buy feature.
Customers are able to upload their own portrait pictures and "try on" the desired product. I thought I would try it out for my self in the attempt find out whether this is just an ambitious gimmick, or a revolutionary entity. At first I was a little sceptical, but in no time. and after a simple navigation attempt, I was spending most of my leisure time entertaining myself with the facility.

Within plausible conditions, the site offers free next day delivery and an option to save your settings for later reference. Even better is the option to save your desired product and send it to a loved one as a notification of your desired wish list. Hmm...nifty.

Overall this is a great site with interesting features, quality products and perpendicular in accessibility. Be sure to make them (after us of course) your first point of contact when shopping around for luxurious eye wear, for yourself or for another.

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