Wednesday, January 2

Meticulous Male Shoppers

A few days ago I went shopping with my husband for some suits that he needed for business meetings. It was an interesting and even fun experience to see how men actually operate in the fitting room. Here is a list of a few things I discovered about men when they are shopping for clothing:

  • Men are meticulous shoppers.
  • They put items on hold, often.
  • They always try on their clothing.
  • They will pay a lot for a good item because price is not an issue.
  • Men pay attention to detail.
  • Their clothing has to fit almost perfectly, even before tailoring, or they will not buy it.
  • Men are picky; they will not settle for anything but the best.

Men feel comfortable with women fitting them and would take a woman's suggestion to heart over a man's. They are curious and choosy about color combinations, and are usually set in their ways. However, they have a great eye for masculine colors. Most men think about their purchase for a long time before making the actual decision to spend their hard earned money.

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