Wednesday, March 18

HM How To | Dress for a Themed Party

Poker party. Masquerade. Sports day. Halloween. We've all had those moments where we get invited to a themed party and have no idea what to wear or how to make something work. Regardless of if you're rocking it out in Manhattan to a 70's inspired birthday party for a girlfriend, or dancing at the hippest club in Los Angeles with a sports theme, here are some tips to keep in mind when dressing up for a night with a theme.

Keep the theme in mind. As lame or strange as the theme is, if someone has invited you to a themed party, then try to stick to the dress code. With something like a Hollywood theme, bold and statement are definite ways to go. This Phillip Lim allows you to remain fashionable while well within the theme's limit.
Think of words that you can link the theme to. I've been invited to a number of different outdoors and summer-themed picnic parties. Words that can often be associated to these would be 'spring' and 'floral' and 'flowy,' much like this Roberto Cavalli floral blouse.

Accessorize with the theme. Sometimes, it's the little things that make a big difference. I've found that some of the places that you can be the most meticulous is in jewelry and when you're accessorizing. I've personally never been invited to an Egyptian-themed party, but if I did, I would definitely be adding this Anita Ko ring to my accessories list.

Don't overdo it. While it's great to be a part of the party and the theme, you also don't want to overdo it and become the laughingstock of the night. Sometimes, I find it better to focus the bold on one specific aspect that will link you to the theme and go for something simpler along with it. For example, this Philip Crangi anchor pendant would be great for an ocean theme with a crisp white shirt and simplistic clothes.

So remember that no matter what theme it is, there's always a way to be a part of it, regardless of it's through the way you dress, accessorize, or even act. Above all, have fun with the theme! It's a great way to be original and fun at the same time.

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